GhostWritersWorld offers a range of services in business writing and other forms of literature.

In addition, we seek to high impact writers through our academy.

We are not an online aggregator of writers. Our differentiator is that we curate gifted writers through a rigorous selection process and develop them, to ensure we are not drafting “just another article”, but a story that is worth the reader’s time. We experiment in genres, narrative styles and combine them with time-tested writing techniques to create exceptional writing.

Ghostwriting as a concept has existed for centuries. Put simply, it means a professional writer writes, for and in the name of another person. Earlier it was for writing literature, manuscripts, historical work, autobiographies, etc. As times changed, ghost writing has also extended itself to contemporary writing like emails, blogs, ebooks, scientific communication to larger community, open letters, etc.

We aspire to not just provide differentiated services to our customers, but also contribute significantly to contemporary writing, and building a community of young writers who are committed to preserving and evolving the ancient craft of writing in the modern context.

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