The GhostWritersWorld Academy has been set up to help aspiring writers of different age, background, domain expertise and life experience have access to high quality training and mentoring which will help them build their skill and fulfill their writing goals.

Writers, who could benefit from our programs, may have a wide range of goals, including:

  • Taking up writing as a full-time profession: This may include being employed in organizations as a writer or editor. Or, it might mean becoming a full-time, self-employed writing professional.
  • Taking up writing as a part-time profession: This may include college students writing to earn while they study; or working professionals writing to build either a second career or a second source of income. It could also include professionals on sabbatical, writing for a few hours for an income and to keep their ‘axes sharp’.
  • Writing to enhance their existing profession or personal brand: There are many professionals who are experts in their field and would like to reach out to a wider audience to share their perspectives and build their personal brand as thought leaders. However, let us face it – writing is a specific skill-set. An expert historian or technocrat may not necessarily be a writer. Even if some of them may have writing skills, they may not have the time. Many hire ghostwriters to write for them. Good quality ghostwriters come at a premium. Hence, professionals may want to build their own writing skill to write good blogs or write their own book.

The GhostWritersWorldAcademy helps aspiring writers meet their professional and personal writing goals.

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