Use this form to send us the details of your requirement. It takes about 5-8 minutes. An important element of great ghost writing is clear outline of the requirements. Hence, please take time to fill this.

Clearer things are at the beginning, fewer the revisions required later. We prefer to get-it-right-the-first-time, as much as possible. 

We will send you an indicative quotation within 48 working hours (usually we are able to respond within 24 hours). A detailed discussion will follow on the requirement, post which we will confirm the final quotation on email.

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Mention official email id, if you are seeking services in an organizational capacity
Required if you are seeking services in an organizational capacity. If you are seeking services as a thought leader mention any personal website or blogspot you may have which may have relevance to this assignment
Please read about the 'Singular Writing' and 'SUITE Writing' services on the main page
Mention things like (a) Who will the communication be written on behalf of - e.g. Managing Director (b) What is the context, e.g. there are rumors in the market about a hostile takeover. Email is to provide clarification (c) Audience - e.g. about 1000 employees across all levels of seniority (d) Any other information that will help us understand yor requirement better
Any communication requires a combination of information and perspectives. Research pertains to the information component. Sometimes clients provide all the information (e.g if it is about their product or organization) OR we may need to do some research (e.g. any trends in the industry).
E.g you want 1 email and 2 blogs per month