This service is for stand-alone write-ups. That special email the CEO has to send helping employees make sense of why 50% of the employees were pink-slipped; or a start-up has to inform all stakeholders about fresh funding, product launch or withdrawal or shut-down; or an email to all key customers on market rumors of a take-over; or a happy email capturing how the organization emerged victorious through challenges.

The reason could be any.

We offer premium writing services for those critical communications, when it is the question of an organization or individual’s reputation and brand.

We understand the end-result you want to achieve through the communication, the history of the situation, factors influencing it – and then draft a communication which achieves that end-result. We also understand the “voice” of the person who will send the communication, to ensure authenticity.

We don’t write run-of-mill communication. Each write-up is handcrafted, and written with the right combination and play of words, tone, style, mood, information, perspective and emotions.

Following are 4 categories of communication we offer. Pricing indicated against each service is the base price and may vary depending on complexity, components and other variables.

1 of 4: High Impact Email

This could be an email to be sent by a CEO, executive member, entrepreneur, education leader OR an open letter to be sent by an individual. Whatever, the purpose, High Impact Emails (HIEs) are meant to do just that – create a high impact.

You want inspire, assure, intimidate, establish confidence, credibility, supremacy, humility. 

You decide, we will help you create the impact you want.

The pricing for this service starts at USD 120.

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2 of 4: Special Purpose Blog

You could be a celebrity blogger, thought leader or an organizational representative who needs to a write a blog on the organizations’s social page or external forums.

We will write the blog for you, in your voice, reflecting your thoughts and perspectives.

Special Purpose Blogs (SPGs) are those blogs that need to be more special than the others – when people are looking forward to hearing what you think about an issue, or a message from you on a special occasion, like a product launch, organizational change, a vision.

Your blog will stand tall in the crowd, with a curiosity-generating start, an insightful core and an unforgettable closing.

The pricing for this service starts at USD 120.

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3 of 4: Talk/Pitch
 Variant 1: Product pitch

Communicating a product story involves many touch-points. Consider the following scenario:

  1. The leader/entrepreneur introduces the product at a launch in front of media, investors, stakeholders
  2. The product team advocates the product to early adopters, influencers
  3. The sales team sells the story to potential customers

All of them are making the pitch at different levels, to different people. While the delivery need not be the same, the story must be.

That is the most important thing to achieve while preparing a product story.

We write your product story keeping in mind – the ONE story that must be told – with adaptations based on the audience’s whats-in-it-for-me.

The components available on offer for this service includes (a) Story transcripts for different audiences (b) Product slides (c) Explainer video

The pricing for this variant starts at USD 500.

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Variant 2: Talk

You could be delivering a TED talk, a key note, speaking at a conference, convocation, or at an important organizational event. You have made phenomenal contributions in your chosen area of work, but public speaking is not necessarily your forte.

We will help you weave your experience into a compelling story.

Unlike an email or blog, which is passively sent, a talk is delivered in person. There are additional dynamics of the physical setting, audience dynamics, format of Q&A and personal delivery style of the speaker.

We take care of all the nuances, in helping you write the talk of a lifetime.

We also offer (a) slides (b) pointers for Q&A as add-on services.

The pricing for this variant starts at USD 150.

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  4 of 4: Print article

Print articles still have a place of their own, despite the dominance of social media.

The best thing is, a print article can be shared on social media platforms for greater traction. Therefore, it makes all the more sense to craft a well-written print article, if you choose to invest in it.

Print media is more formal than the social media. Also, print space costs money, unlike an email or a blog. Crafting an article while maintaining the sanctity of the print medium, yet making it as enticing as an interesting blog, is the value we bring to the table.

The pricing for this variant starts at USD 120.

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