A great one-time write-up can be sensational. But writing must be long term for it to be transformational.

That is the thought behind our SUITE writing services.

Be it a mind-set you want to influence as a thought leader, a product you want to establish as an entrepreneur, a vision you want to realize as a CEO, a culture you want to permeate as an HR Leader or a brand you want to build as a marketing & PR leader – Rome is not built overnight.

Often, communication objectives are not met due to lack of consistency and persistence of the message. SUITE writing aims to approach communication in a holistic manner, as opposed to being piecemeal.

A SUITE allows for all necessary combinations, e.g. a 5-communication pack could include blogs, emails, print articles, talk script as necessary to meet the communication goal.

There are 5 SUITE writing services we offer at this point in time.

The pricing indicated below is the base price. The actual quote will depend on factors such as number of write-ups, complexity, type of write-up, etc.

1 OF 5: Thought-leader SUITE

You are an established thought leader in entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence, education, self-help, health or more – OR you already have expertise in these areas and want to establish yourself as a thought leader.

While posts and pictures may get “likes”, to be accepted a thought leader, followers look upto influencers for deep insights. Therefore long-form writing is unavoidable.

Thought leaders are so, because of their expertise and ideas. They are not necessarily writers. Also, they might be incredibly busy people. We support thought leaders through this SUITE.

We plan the types of communication, topics in the area of expertise and help craft write-ups at a defined frequency. The schedule discussions to take the inputs from thought leaders and weave it into compelling write-ups as per the communication plan.

We also do a “voice-mapping” of the thought leader, for the writing to reflect his thoughts as well as style of writing.

The pricing starts from USD 600, for an indicative 6 write up-3-month plan.

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Be it Jeff Bezos’s inspiring letter to Amazon shareholders, or Indra Nooyi’s letters to the parents of her senior executive team at Pepsico – communications from CEOs always have that special place and impact.

CEO SUITE helps organization leaders to strike a special and personal chord with employees, customers, investors and other stakeholders. We plan a series of communications from the CEO’s desk mapped to critical events, and regular intervals. The communication mix of emails, blogs, print articles, talks can have themes mapped to the business goal, and other areas of focus, which the leader needs to reiterate through the year.

We plan unique story series like the CEO’s bucket list, and many others depending on the need of the organization.

The writing reflects each CEOs unique style of communication, as captured through our ‘voice mapping’ exercise.

The pricing starts from USD 600, for an indicative 6-write-up-3-month plan.

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3 OF 5: Crisis SUITE

Be it the United Airlines incident or situation at UBER, organizational crisis can come in any shape and form.

The importance of sending the right communication, at the right time, on behalf of the right person, cannot be over-emphasized. With social media, the speed at which information and mis-information spreads, has increased exponentially. Not communicating right with all stakeholders, costs organizations millions of dollars, in terms of lost reputation, money spent in branding, immediate impact on share prices, etc.

Crisis SUITE is unique in that sense. Crisis evolves with every hour, and the response needs to be planned fast.

We work hand in hand with the communication & PR team, to draft press releases, social media communications, emails to employees, customers, stakeholders as the situation unfolds. Crisis SUITE offers quicker turn-arounds, as required by the situation.

The pricing starts from USD 600, for a 5-communication pack.

Timelines are as required by the crisis situation. A special hotline number is provided to the customer to contact us, during the crisis situation – to enable quicker turn-around. We work outside office hours, if required by the situation, for this writing service.

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4 OF 5: Customer SUITE

Getting the customer’s mind space, was never easy. With endless products and services, fighting for the customer’s attention, things have only become more difficult.

Customer SUITE communicates the value of a product or service to the customer, through a mix of communication types, with a consistent message. It may include customer stories, behind-the-scene-stories, interactions-based write-ups, talks scripts for product leaders, special series, etc.

Our style of writing is distinct. We play with a variety of creative writing genres to add flavor to business writing, and make it stand out. We add humor, inspiration, suspense or any other style required and appropriate to the purpose and audience.

Like in all SUITE writings, even Customer SUITE can include write-ups to be posted by different stakeholders of the product and sales team.

The pricing starts from USD 500, for a 5-communication pack.

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5 OF 5: Employer SUITE

Employer SUITE is designed to support specific objectives of the Chief People Officer like culture change, diversity drive, value cascade, establishing a distinctive employer brand, etc.

The SUITE will include the required mix of communication, appropriate writing style, different write-up constructs. The communications can be drafted in the “voice” of different leaders like the Chief People Officer, other leaders, employees, alumni, etc.

This SUITE specially focuses on capturing the immediate context of employees’ day to day life at workplace into the communications, to make them relatable, and giving them the ability to influence behavior and mind-set.

In this SUITE too, we use a variety of genres and styles, including but not limited to, narrative story-telling, humor, inspirational, reflective, suspense, etc. to make our write-ups distinctive from usual business writing.

The pricing starts from USD 500, for an indicative 6 write-up-3-month plan.

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