This is an in-person, long term program to mentor young writers. The program is currently available in Bangalore. Enrollment is possible only through local advertisements.

If you are visiting this page, having seen one of our advertisements, kindly send us an SMS, as advised in the advertisement.

If not sent yet, then you may fill the form below. Either the form or SMS is fine, we will connect with you.

Unless you reside in the areas we have advertised in, as of now, we will be unable to process the request.

However, if you have a talented young writer at home, then let us know in the notify me page under “Academy”. We will email you, when the program is launched in your area.

Please enter a valid number, as we will send a confirmation message on it
This is a long term program and the intake is very limited. Currently, we are able to accept young writers for the program only where we have advertised for it.